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The Amazing Flowers of Victoria, orchid grower and exporter provides the largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Mokara, Cattleya… with guaranty of freshness and longevity. Worldwide exporter of freshly cut orchid flowers and plants, The Amazing Flowers of Victoria grows its orchids in their natural conditions. Above all, they are raised in respect of the environment. Shipped by air from Bangkok to be delivered in a few days. Read informations about import.

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Cultivated in optimum conditions to offer you the best quality of plants. The Amazing Flowers of Victoria offers you the largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Renanthera, Mokara, Cattleya, Maxillaria, and Ascocentrum. Available in different colors, sizes and ages. Discover our selection of rare orchids.

Cut Flowers

To ensure their longevity and freshness, our flowers are carefully handpicked, inspected and packed on the day of their shipment. In that of being splendid, and lasting ten times longer, some are not odorous and do not stain. In other words, perfect flowers for hotels, restaurants, banquets, lounges …


Discover our selections of mix fresh cut Dendrobium, Mokara and Vanda flowers.

And our mix Dendrobium, Mokara, Vanda, Cattleya and Ascocentrum plants.

Bulk of Orchids

The Amazing Flowers of Victoria is an orchid and lotus grower, wholesaler and worldwide exporter. We do not sell retail. That is the reason why prices are on request. Anyway, we invite all flower lovers to visit our website like an exotic garden. A nice way to enjoy the fascinating beauty of our plants. Beside, they may have had the opportunity to admire them at florists, hotels, restaurants …  Our farms respect the ancestral values of flower culture in Thailand. Our horticulturists share their expertise to get you the most natural flowers as possible.

Browse the flower range and enjoy some videos

Click on the image of our non-exhaustive flower range to get a good overview of the largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Renanthera, Mokara, Cattleya, Maxillaria, Ascocentrum and lotus. The Amazing Flowers of Victoria, grows its plants in their natural environment. The essence of flowers is not only their beauty but also their ability to communicate positive feelings.

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