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The fresh cut flowers of The Amazing Flowers of Victoria are carrefully handpicked, inspected and packed at our friendly farms. Where they are harvested on the day of their shipment. Which ensure, longevity and freshness by a quick delivery. Personal touches you add to your home make it uniquely yours. Whatever your style, flowers and plants are the perfect way to add beauty and warmth to your surroundings. As well as create a space that reflects your personality. By having the ability to arrange your flowers, you are also receiving the gift of personal fulfillment. So, you are free to touch, arrange and use your artistic skills to create a personal masterpiece! The Home Ecology of Flowers Study at Harvard University uncovered three main findings: flowers feed compassion, flowers chase away anxieties, worries and the blues at home. Finally, living with flowers can provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm, even at work.

Daily fresh cut flowers

You will find with The Amazing Flowers of Victoria the largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Mokara…but also lotus freshly cut. All available in different colors and sizes. By giving them a minimum of attention (cutting the stalks in bevel, fresh water), will last several weeks. Some aren’t odorous and don’t stain. In other words, they are the perfect flowers for hotels, restaurants, lounges…

Photo gallery

A little sample of pictures just for the pleasure of watching some bouquets from the wonders of nature. Even after a couple of weeks, they still look great.
Look at what we can do with a few flowers.
The presence of flowers triggers emotions of happiness, heightens feelings of life satisfaction, and affects social behavior in a positive and very meaningful manner. Their impact on our lives is far greater than what was previously thought. When it comes to receiving flowers, men and women are on the same playing field. We all express extraordinary delight in receiving flowers, improving our social behavior and mental health.Vanda, Dendrobium, Renanthera, Mokara and lotuses provide you the opprtunity to mix colors and style for weeks.

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You want special colors for weddings, room decoration and want the bouquets are in line with the decor. That the colors of flowers reflect certain feelings, evoke certain emotions. You need flower necklaces for great occasions. You want specific flowers for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day … Or maybe you have other needs. Send us an email, so that we can study together your project and help you finalize it. The fresh cut flowers of The Amazing Flowers of Victoria are available in several sizes, so having a variable number of buttons.


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Click on the image of our non-exhaustive catalog to get a good overview of the largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Renanthera, Mokara, Cattleya, Oncidium, Ascocentrum and lotus. The Amazing Flowers of Victoria, wholesaler happiness supplier. We want you to have more flowers so you can find more joy. Our plants and flowers bloom in their natural environment. The essence of flowers is not only their beauty but also their ability to communicate positive feelings.