Cymbidium - Maxillaria

No cut flowers for the Maxillaria
Cymbidium is one of the most important species of orchids. Fantastic shapes and colors. Maxillaria genus numbers over 300 species. Their growth habits are variable.

Our flowers grow in their natural environment and are cultivated with respect for the environment.

The Amazing Flowers of Victoria offers 3 sizes of Cymbidium : S-M-L


As its Greek name indicates (vase, cup), the Cymbidium orchid seems to have been created to be put in vase and decorate the interiors during 6 to 10 weeks.
It is one of the most famous and widespread orchids. It has many advantages making it very accessible as a cut flower or plant. Its cultivation, easy maintenance and hardiness (10 ° C to 24 ° C), its many hybrids, standards with flowers about 13 cm in diameter and more recently miniatures with flowers between 5 and 7 cm diameter and its long and abundant flowering with various shapes and colors are worth to be widely marketed. Despite this popularization, Cymbidium are still prestigious orchids and do not sink into banality. Cymbidium individually or in floral composition knows how to impose itself.
Terrestrial, epiphytic, lithophilous and even saprophytic with sympodal growth, the Cymbidium orchid is composed of a tuft of fleshy pseudobulbs carrying up to ten long leaves in the shape of a thong up to 60 cm long, large stalks floral with bunches of flowers with petals and sepals in bright and varied colors that contrast with their fleshy labellum. The spikes of upright or curved flowers dominate the rich foliage while the hanging flower stalks enhance it with their beautiful bunches of flowers.

Pink Pop Chrystal Fruit




Maxillaria Tenuifolia also known as Coconut Orchid, due to the strong scent of its heavy thick flowers. The blossom is pretty small and it grows on a short spike. The color varies but it is usually dark red marked with yellow. The latin name (jawbone), comes from the appearance of its lip and its 3 lobes that looks like a jowbone.

This orchid is only available as plant. No cut flower.




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