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Other flowers

Other flowers

At The Amazing Flowers of Victoria, we offer you the largest choice of Rare Orchids with wonderful shapes and colors.

Apart from Dendrobium, Mokara, Vanda, Cattleya and Ascocentrum, there are Other Species of Rare Orchids as well such as: Renanthera, Maxillaria & Rhynchostylis.

These orchids are rare and native to various places around the world and have their own specific shapes, colors and scents. 

Renanthera is a genus of large scrambling monopodial epiphytic and terrestrial species of orchid found in South East Asia.              Maxillaria is large genus of tropical American Orchids. This kind smells like fresh coconuts.    Rhynchostylis are from the Indian Subcontinent and Indochina. They are very fragrant and have the inflorescence that resembles a fluffy fox tail.

Please enjoy your seeing of our Rare Orchids!


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