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If you want to see more detailed pictures with the references of each flower, click on the name of the desired variety. The Orchid and lotus range will open a new tab so you can compare them in a few clicks. All photos are clickable allowing you to see enlargements and so enjoy every detail. They are sorted by variety, so some have more pages than others. If you have a fairly precise idea you can go to our “List of Flowers” pages which are more condensed.

Whether you are a florist, an hotelkeeper, restaurateur, event organizer … You have landed on the site of “The Amazing Flowers of Victoria” because you share the same passion as us. Let yourself go and dive into our universe. Who knows, one day you will maybe come in person and admire in real these sublime plants which offers us Mother nature.

The magic power of flowers lies in many things, but especially in their infinite variety and fascination with us. Few plant families offer such a wide range of splendor and extravagance. You will not stop being surprised.

So, do not fight and let’s succumbed to the charm of these mesmerizing plants.

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Each plant is special, different. Aligning them one after the other like nails or bolts will take away their personality. We have represented the main families in our Orchid and lotus range. But, we have many other species, sizes, ages, shapes, colors and tones. We present regularly on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) as well as in our Newsletters. That’s why we invite you to sign up to receive our themed posts and / or to visit our publications. And of course to send us an email so, we can study together your requests and thus be able to best meet your expectations.

The Amazing Flowers of Victoria’s selection is the largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Mokara, Cattleya, Ascocentrum, Maxilaria, Renanthera and Lotus.


Mokara is a hybrid of Arachnis orchid (spider), Ascocentrum and Vanda. As an epiphyte it usually grows on the bark of trees. Easy to grow if you respect its needs for humidity, light and if you pay attention to the temperature.


Belonging to one of the most important kinds of orchids with more than 1000 spicies. The Dendrobium offers a very large choice of shapes and colors. In nature they are found in forests at high and low altitude and therefore support fairly low temperatures (mini 10 ° C – 50°F).


A sublime plant, with its long narrow fan leaves, overhanging the cascade of its aerial roots while the stalks loaded with flowers wide open emerge between the leaves from blue to pink through purple but also yellows, oranges and even white.

Other plants

Lotus, the king of the waterbodies, but also Ascocentrum with countless dazzling flowers, Cattleya which produce in abundance marvelous flowers,  as well as the astonishing Renanthera with their mass of bright red flowers.


Click on the image of our non-exhaustive catalog to get a good overview of the largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Renanthera, Mokara, Cattleya, Oncidium, Ascocentrum and lotus. The Amazing Flowers of Victoria, wholesaler happiness supplier. We want you to have more flowers so you can find more joy. Our plants and flowers bloom in their natural environment. The essence of flowers is not only their beauty but also their ability to communicate positive feelings.

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You want special colors for weddings, room decoration and want the bouquets are in line with the decor. That the colors of flowers reflect certain feelings, evoke certain emotions. You need flower necklaces for great occasions. You want specific flowers for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day … Or maybe you have other needs.

Send us an email, so that we can study together your project and help you finalize it. The fresh cut flowers of The Amazing Flowers of Victoria are available in several sizes, so having a variable number of buttons.


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