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The Amazing Flowers of Victoria is a grower and Exporter specialized in export in large quantities from Thailand.

Worldwide export in a few days.

Our Amazing Flowers are harvested at our environmentally friendly farms. You won’t find fresher orchids anywhere else.

Available in different colors, sizes and ages.

About orchids

Distributed all over the globe, the orchid has exerted on man a fascination of all times across all civilizations and all cultures. The oldest legend about orchids comes from China, where ornamental plants have always had symbolic meanings. Orchids have been mentioned for their beauty and fragrance, representing at once perfection, refinement, friendship, elegance, nobility and fertility. But, they are also among the fundamental plants of traditional Chinese medicine.


Thai climate is just perfect for orchids. So, based on social responsability and accountability to the planet Earth, The Amazing Flowers of Victoria uses only natural fertelizers. To obtain the best results, we make sure to get the most adapted light exposure to our orchid needs. In this purpose we use special nets to filter out the sunlight.

Cut Flowers

Handpicked, inspected and packed at our farms. This is the secret of freshness and longevity of flowers and plants. Worldwide exporter, The Amazing Flowers of Victoria can ship its flowers to Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Thanks to its fast product delevery system, you get your Amazing Flowers in a few days.


The Amazing Flowers of Victoria  offers some selections of mix fresh cut Dendrobium, Mokara and Vanda flowers.

But also provides, mix plants as : Dendrobium, Mokara, Vanda, Cattleya and Ascocentrum.

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