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The largest choice of Vanda, Dendrobium, Mokara, Cattleya, Ascocentrum, Renanthera, Cymbidium and Lotus are also avalaible in whole plants. Blooming or not. From very little up to giant plants. Unusual plants, easy to grow and to bloom again. The orchids of Southeast Asia offer a wide choice as well as in their shapes, sizes and colors. All our plants are born and grown in Thailand.

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Terrestrial ? Epiphyte ? Long roots ? Short leaves ?

You are looking for  particular species or varieties. A plant that has a relative humidity of 40% to 60% or requires 70% to 100% humidity. You want to aim your choice depending on the season. Or, do you want to have flowering plants all at once. You may be want plants whose flowering takes place at different times in order to always have some in full bloom. Or some varieties that bloom several times a year.

Your choice depends on the type of plants, growing conditions or flowering periods. Or even of a plant classified as a plant of average or hot temperature. For all these orchids, nighttime temperatures are the most important, especially in winter when the light is weak and the chlorophyllian function is slowed down. The most important, there must be a temperature drop of 5° C to 8 ° C (41°F to 47°F) at night as happens in nature. Constant heat by growing them no rest, the binding to tap into their food reserve which will weaken them. The desires and needs of each are very variable. In other words, the range of species and varieties of orchids even more. That’s why we recommend that you contact us to refine your order. And so, get the plants you need.

Distributed all over the globe, the orchid has exerted on man a fascination of all times across all civilizations and all cultures. The oldest legend about orchids comes from China, where ornamental plants have always had symbolic meanings. Orchids have been mentioned for their beauty and fragrance, representing at once perfection, refinement, friendship, elegance, nobility and fertility. But, they are also among the fundamental plants of traditional Chinese medicine.

Discover our rare orchid selection

They are not available as cut flowers.

Only as plants.


Mokara orchids comes from Singapour (1969). It is a hybrid of Arachnis orchid (spider), Ascocentrum and Vanda. As an epiphyte it usually grows on the bark of trees. Easy to grow if you respect your needs for humidity, light and you pay attention to the temperature.




Its appeal comes from its innumerable bright flowers in shades of red, yellow and orange. This compact inflorescence is erected and forms a cone of small dense flowers. Resembling the Vanda, its culture in hanging baskets is similar to these.


Cattleya are particularly popular because they are easy to grow and produce an abundance of wonderful flowers with extraordinary shapes and colors that last up to six weeks on the plant. In the wild Cattleya grow on rocks and trees.


Belonging to one of the most important kinds of orchids with more than 1000 species, the Dendrobium offers a very large choice of shapes and colors. In nature they are found in forests at high and low altitude and therefore support fairly low temperatures (mini 10 ° C).


One of the most famous orchids, rustic and accessible because of its culture and its maintenance. 10 ° C to 24 ° C for temperature, Cymbidium orchid can be grown and bloom outdoors at least part of the year in most of the globe and be satisfied with the light if it is not direct light.


Most Oncidiums produce clusters of bright flowers on long, curved poles. In the wild there are hundreds of species distributed from tropical valleys to mountain peaks. Essentially epiphytes, these orchids sometimes form important colonies at the top of the trees.


Maxillaria orchids are variable in growth habits. Ranging from creepers 5 cm (2 inches) high to vandalike giants. The latin name  comes from the appearance of its lip and 3 lobes. The blossom looks like a jawbone. This genus numbers over 300 species. M. Tenuifolia (coconut orchid) is a popular climber that has grasslike leaves. The flowers have a strong coconut scent. 


The Renanthera produce masses of bright red flowers. These flowers are also distinguished by the thinness of the upper sepal and petals as well as the width of the lower lateral sepals whose base remains however narrow. In the wild, some can reach up to 9 m high.


A sublime plant, with its long narrow fan leaves, overhang the cascade of its aerial roots while the stalks loaded with flowers wide open from blue to pink through purple but also yellows, oranges and even white emerge between the leaves.


Queen of water bodies, the lotus flower is sacred and stamped with symbolism since the beginning of time. It floats above the water while the colorful water lily flower floats on the water in the middle of its large oval leaves divided into two lobes.

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